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  :The Cost of Boarding Your Beloved Horse at Last Chance Farm  
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Last Chance Farm Retirement Rates For Retired Horses Retire

Overview of Last Chance farm

Last Chance Farm featured in Horse News, January 2009

We are excited to announce the addition of a brand new 36' x 48' pole barn with center aisle design constructed by Rohrer Construction, Quarryville, PA with one 12' x 16' stall and two 12' x 12' stalls by Frey Brothers, a tack room with an observation window into the adjoining stall, and a 24' x 12' loafing shed incorporated into the barn. Check back soon for pictures!


Last Chance Farm is a for profit boarding facility established in 1988. We are not a horse rescue or non-profit horse sanctuary, so we do not accept donated horses. We have had numerous people tell us they would like to retire to Last Chance Farm, but alas, we only take horses! The horses boarded at Last Chance Farm have one trait in common, there owners love them...

You will receive photos and/or video clips of your horse on a regular basis via regular mail, E-Mail and/or on CD-ROM's. Most importantly you will be provided with peace of mind knowing that your very special horse will be provided with the personalized and quality care that they needs and deserve.



Retired horses in dry lot attached to pasture

  • One month board in advance.
  • Farrier and deworming fees paid in advance.
  • Signed contract.
  • Negative Coggins Test
  • Vaccinations - Rabies, West Nile, Eastern/Western Equine Encephalitis, Potomac Horse Fever, Rhino/Flu. Botulism is optional
  • Vet statement or letter detailing horse's condition.
  • Photo taken upon arrival at farm

We recommend that owners have their veterinarian fax their horse's health records directly to our vet to facilitate the accurate transfer of your horse's health records.

Rates Current as of May 1, 2009


Full Service Care

Retired horses grazing at Last Chance farmAll retired horses at Last Chance Farm are provided quality care with access to loafing sheds, high quality veterinary and farrier care. Blankets, fly masks and fly leggins are included in our board rate. We break out the cost of stalls so that owners can manage the cost of maintaining their retired horse without compromising their care.



$365.00 per month

$165.00 Winter Stall
November to March l

$135.00 Summer Stall
April - October

16' x 12' box stall at Last Chance Farm with sliding door to aisle and dutch door to outside. Observation window from tack room.

Saying Good-Bye

Last Chance Farm handles the passing of your very special horse with compassion for the horse and empathy for the owner since we ourselves have loved and lost our own very special horse and other animals.

Owners can choose to have their horses buried here on the farm, privately cremated, or shipped to a rendering company.

Burial in horse cemetery located in apple orchard shielded on side by evergreens.

$350.00 Burial Plot

Varies Burial Services

Private Cremation by CR Cremations, Paradise, PA

Horse Hearse Services by Janet Brown

Additional Fees for Retired Horses


Farrier Services:

  • Hoof Trimming - $45.00
Many retirement farms include hoof trims or farrier costs in their board rate. We provide our retired horses with excellent farrier care. Every horse that has come here has had their level of soundness improved because of the excellent work done by our farrier. Horses who before required shoes and Bute are often able to go barefoot without any Bute after our farrier has taken over the care of their hooves, thus reducing the owner's expense and improving the horses' quality of life.
  • Front Shoes - $85.00
  • Front Shoe Sno - Cuffs - $10.00
  • Front Shoes with pads


Grooming Services

  • Sheath Cleaning - $20.00
  • Weekly Grooming includes bathing - $40.00 per month

Miscellaneous Services

  • Blanket Washing - $15.00
  • Blanket Repair - No charge for pick-up and delivery to repair shop. Cost varies on repairs needed.

De-Worming Program

  • Ivermectin - $8.00
  • Praziquantal- $15.00 (for tapeworms)
  • Panacur Power Pac - $70.00( for encysted strongyles)

We follow the recommendations of our full time equine veterinarian, Henderson Veterinary Associates, for de-worming the retired horses at Last Chance Farm.

We also have owners who choose to use the daily dewomer and enroll in the Preventicare Program. Horses on the daily dewormer still must be dewormed for tapeworms and Ivermectin in March/April.



Located in Pine Grove, PA the farm is easily accessible from Interstates 81 and 78. We are 45 minutes from Harrisburg, PA or Reading, PA and one hour west of Allentown, PA. We are approximately 3 hours from the NYC and 2 hours from Philadelphia. The farm is located on a quiet country road surrounded by farmland. We live on the farm and the fields are in view of the residence.



The herd at Last Chance Farm grazes in the beautiful pasture on a summer day.

Farm Hours

  • Owners always welcome, no appointment needed.
  • Visitors welcome by appointment only
You are welcome to visit your horse at the farm, no appointment necessary. We ask that owners do not visit the farm after dark, before 9AM, or on Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving days without an appointment. We do not have riding facilities at the farm, nor do we permit riding on our property. Owners may ride along the quiet country roads in the area or in fields that landowners have granted us permission to ride. We do not solicit references from our current or former boarders.
Last Chance Farm, where commitment is a way of life...

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1983- December 27, 2005

Resident since 2000

Loved by Marge, Gus & all of us here at Last Chance Farm. We will miss your nicker in the morning and the way you licked everybody who gave you treats...



Oasis giving Jessie a hug.
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