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About Last Chance Farm

Overview of Last Chance farm

Last Chance Farm featured in Horse News, January 2009 Run in shed side of new barn at Last Chance Farm. Run in shed is incorporated into the barn.

We are excited to announce the addition of a brand new 36' x 48' pole barn with center aisle design constructed by Rohrer Construction, Quarryville, PA with one 12' x 16' stall and two 12' x 12' stalls by Frey Brothers, a tack room with an observation window into the adjoining stall, and a 24' x 12' loafing shed incorporated into the barn. Check back soon for pictures!
New Barn laofing shed with sliding door into center aisle of barn. Bale door windows.


Last Chance Farm is a for profit boarding facility established in 1988. We are not a horse rescue or non-profit horse sanctuary, so we do not accept donated horses. We have had numerous people tell us they would like to retire to Last Chance Farm, but alas, we only take horses! We are often asked by people what kind of horses are boarded at the farm and we tell them that the horses boarded at Last Chance Farm have one trait in common, their owners love them...

One of the best things about boarding retired horses is that their owners truly love their horses and we have the opportunity to meet the nicest people.


Last Chance Farm, is the retirement farm for horses offering personalized full care for your special horse. Last Chance Farm is a for profit retirement farm for horses founded in 1988. Last Chance Farm was started because of the difficulty I had in locating a facility that would board my retired horse. Due to job requirements I was an absentee owner and unable to visit my beloved horse on a regular basis. Last Chance Farm was literally his last chance at a well deserved retirement.

Last Chance Farm is committed to retired horses, we do not accept any horses except retired horses. Boarding retired horses is not just another way for us to board horses, we specialize in retired horses because we believe in the concept of making a lifetime commitment to your horse and providing owners with a facility designed for retired horses, not a facility designed for boarding riding horses with the option of boarding a retired horse.

We have seen and been the victim of boarding stables that decided to utilize owner's retired horses in their lesson programs, or for their own riding pleasure.

Chris, founder of Last Chance Farm, has over forty years experience with horses including experience on Thoroughbred and Standardbred breeding farms that foaled out winners of the Triple Crown races, experience on the AQHA, Open, and 4-H show circuit as a child and teenager, and experience caring for horses in transit from breeding farms, sale venues, racetracks and show grounds for a leading horse transportation company transporting horses throughout the United States and Canada.

Chris and Jack, along with our children care for the horses at Last Chance Farm.

Boarding stables took the liberty of riding my horse without my permission and against my wishes. "Oh since nobody was riding him, we thought we would take him out and exercise him." Obviously someone failed to teach these people common courtesy and manners. The horse does not belong to you, you do not ride another person's horse without the owner's permission! They chose to ignore the fact that one of the reasons he was retired was due to soundness problems, if he was sound, I would be riding him!

Other stables gladly accepted my board check and then neglected to properly feed or shelter my horse. His weight loss was blamed on his age. Ironically he was 19 the first time that excuse was used. Another excuse for not feeding him was, "that he stopped coming in for his feed." This was after the boarding stable was instructed to feed him separately, and not with the herd. The operator brushed off my instructions and the result was my beloved horse was starved yet again. In all three boarding stables failed to properly feed my horse, while they continued to happily pocket my money. When he passed away 15 years later at Last Chance Farm, there was no problem with his weight. He is pictured here at age 33.


My beloved Prince at age 33, one year before he passed awayat age 34 at Last Chance Farm.



Prince is buried in a horseshoe shaped garden with his head resting under a magnolia tree watched over by St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

Saying Good-Bye

Prince was my best friend for 28 years. As a child I spent all my free time with Prince and when I wasn't with him I daydreamed about the adventures we would have when I got home home from school. Besides exploring the trails or riding into town to the Wienerscnitzel, I won my first ribbons, championships, and year end awards with Prince. My daughter took her first rides on Prince. Many an instructor and trainer urged me to, "not fall in love with my horse" and chided me for not selling him so I could "move on to a new horse" We don't sell our friends, human or otherwise and Prince moved with me across the country. When Prince passed away at age 34,I had him laid him to rest* on the farm and planted a beautiful horseshoe shaped flower garden over his grave so even though Prince is gone I still spend time visiting him as I tend to the flowers.

*Contrary to popular belief and myths, there is no state law against burying your horse.

Helluva Note
1963- 2007

Priince's grave watched over by St Francis of Assisi
Forever loved & Sadly Missed


Located in Pine Grove, PA the farm is easily accessible from Interstates 81 and 78. We are 45 minutes from Harrisburg, Hershey, Hazelton, and Reading, PA. We are a one hour drive west of Allentown, PA on I-78. We are approximately 3 hours from the NYC and 2 hours from Philadelphia. The farm is located on a quiet country road surrounded by farmland. We live on the farm and the barns, sheds, and fields are in view of the residence.

All of us here at Last Chance Farm are opposed to the slaughter of America's Horses because we were raised in America and Americans do not eat their horses, which in this country are bred, raised, revered, and taxed as non-food animals.


www.HoofPAC.com - The political action committee opposed to the slaughter of America's Horses.

Large Animal Protection Society, LAPS - Report horse neglect cases to LAPS.

Stolen Horse International - Home of Idaho Alerts for stolen horses and powered by the all volunteer, "Net Posse"!


Retired horses at Last Chance Farm
We financially support those who share our views on horse slaughter. We purchase our horse care products from K.V. Vet Supply and Jeffers Equine, companies that have assured us in writing that they are opposed to the slaughter of America's Horses for human consumption.
K.V. Vet Supply
Jeffers Equine

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1983 - September 3, 2004

Sadly missed by Aveline and all of us here at Last Chance Farm

Oasis giving Jessie a hug.
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Note- Last Chance Farm has never been associated with Last Chance Ranch located in Quakertown, PA in any way, shape, or form.